ZKSwap Weekly Dev & Operations Update (11.27 – 12.03)

Hi, swappers!

In celebration of the V3 testnet launch on December 1st, we held a product experience program, calling for suggestions and feedback from all community members. Eligible winners will share a prize pool of 50,000 ZKS. Click here to check out the V3 tutorial.

On the same day, Karl Hedin, Lead Developer of ZKSwap Europe, attended the DCentral Miami Conference and spoke about one of the most important topics in crypto today - layer2 chains and applications, using the ZK-Rollups-based ZKSwap to elaborate on the emerging use cases.

We’ve also announced winners of the Thanksgiving campaign. The rewards should be credited to the winners’ L2 accounts on ZKSwap V2 before December 7th. Contact ZKSwap Telegram admins if you have any queries.

In the past seven days, members of the ZKSwap community have grown rapidly, up from 52,567 to 87,619 (+55%). And the number of ZKSwap Twitter followers increased by 3,728 to 48K.

About ZKSwap

ZKSwap is a layer 2-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) using the ZK-Rollups technology with an automated market maker (AMM) model. ZKSwap V3 testnet introduces a series of NFT-centered features and will further explore cross-chain deployment with BSC and Solana, implement EVM-compatible ZK-Rollups, and bring the community more layer 2-based products.

Stay Tuned To ZKSwap

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I am very happy to be among the best and among great project like this. At first it was complicated.
The more I use the site more I understand it. It’s very easy to use once you understand it.and it’s a great project. Keep up the good work.
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