[12.20-12.24] ZKSwap Weekly Dev & Operational Report

Hey Astronauts,

As ZKSpace is fully alive, you’ll be able to experience full-featured Layer2 protocols including DEX, NFT minting and trading and payment transactions over layer2.

In the meantime, please note that, ZKSwap V1 will completely shut down at 7:00 UTC on December 31, 2021. The team urges users to migrate all funds to ZKSwap V3 asap. Left-behind idle funds are safe on-chain after the shut down of V1 network but users will have to contact community moderator for asset withdrawal.

Community Given Campaign You Don’t Wanna Missout

Layer1 vs Layer2 Comparision - Roast Battle

In terms of community campaign, we are currently hosting a Layer1 vs Layer2 camparision event, tell us your user experience in both Layer1 and Layer2, and win the title of Roast King! The campaign budgeted $30,000 reward to 100 eligible participants.

'Xmas NFT

Over 30,000 $ZKS to win,an ultra-low gas fee for participation. Special award packs are reserved for 6 Best NFT creators


ZKSwap is a layer 2-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) using the ZK-Rollups technology with an automated market maker (AMM) model. ZKSwap V2 supports 0 gas fee transfer/transaction and unlimited token listing while increasing liquidity and ensuring the timely execution of orders. Through the upcoming V3, ZKSwap will introduce a series of NFT-centered features, further explore cross-chain deployment with BSC and Solana, implement EVM-compatible ZK-Rollups, and bring the community more layer 2-based products.