**Blockchain game series 'storms' in 2022 - 2023**

Blockchain game series ‘storms’ in 2022 - 2023

After the success of the “billion-dollar game” Axie Infinity, the Blockchain-based game is

expected to shine with a series of groundbreaking projects. Let’s take a look at the

Blockchain game series that is “storming” in 2022-2023


STEPN is a Blockchain game of the Move-to-Earn (moving to earn) genre. In particular, this is

the first game of this genre to be released in the world. The project focuses on building towards

the GameFi market and the Metaverse virtual world.

Promising to bring a new wave to the GameFi model, STEPN is inspired by daily walking and

exercise. When participating in this game, users only need to move to earn money. More

specifically, with the STEPN app, you will be able to walk for exercise and earn money.

However, to do this, participants will need to equip a pair of specialized NFT Sneakers.

Accordingly, when performing activities such as walking, jogging, … users will receive the

corresponding number of tokens in the game. This partly creates a sense of excitement and joy

when people practice sports.

Fairy Cat Fairy Cat is a virtual pet blockchain game Play to earn. The Fairy Cat Blockchain Game offers

players and investors a very unique opportunity to collect, trade, battle and earn rare assets that

greatly increase their income.

Players can discover and adopt magical cats with different levels and powers called Fairy Cats.

Fairy Cats and all other in-game items will be stored as NFTs with a 1:1 equivalent of USDT in

the player’s wallet and thus can be sold for profit and freely traded. In addition, the Blockchain

game Fairy Cat will apply DeFi mechanism to the platform, allowing users to freely provide

liquidity, exploit liquidity and trade on the system. Just like Pokemon, Fairy Cats have many

different types and attributes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses that gamers can

strategize to adopt to be able to harvest as many items as possible.

Promising to bring a new wave to the GameFi model, Fairy Cat is a project with a long-term

roadmap, derived from a small project in the program “Aid for feral cats in the world”.

Crabada Crabada is a Blockchain Play-to-Earn game launched in November 2021 with a quite attractive

and interesting experience. Joining the game, users can rediscover the prosperous ancient

Hermit-Crab Kingdom once ruled by Crustaco, king of Crabada and participate in exploration,

mining, breeding, crafting… to expand force.

All Crabada operate on Blockchain technology so players have full control over their assets. All

in-game interactions on Crabada are transparently handled on-chain, including live events.

Players will need to spend about 3,900 USD just to get started. Blockchain Game Crabada is an

extremely profitable “game”, but its high barrier to entry makes it difficult for the average player

to participate.

Defi Kingdoms Blockchain Game Defi Kingdoms was born with the idea of

a combination of the DeFi project

that captures the full potential of Blockchain in the form of a game. DeFi Kingdoms is built on

the Harmony (ONE) Blockchain to take advantage of the safe, fast and extremely low

transaction fees from the platform. The universe of DeFi Kingdom is a combination of games,

DEX and Liquid Pool. Accompanying that is the presence of a variety of NFTs that play an

important role in the game; all take place in the context of an ancient fantasy world with pixel art.

Like other Play-to-Earn titles, players can earn rare NFT items with economic value in DeFi

Kingdoms and use them on quests for even more rewards.

The real game begins when you buy a Hero from Agent Selina (i.e. the secondary market for

NFTHero). These are characters who can work in multiple professions (miner, gardener,

gatherer, fisher) for rewards, embark on “Adventure” and “Career” quests, and finally Fight

together or other enemies in future updates.