Cryptocurrency Exchange Script: How much does it cost?

An easy way to launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform is with an exact script of it. Considering that a crypto exchange’s features and functionality are all included in the script’s development. You may start your own cryptocurrency exchange business right now with a pre-written script, whether it be for a Peer-to-Peer exchange, an order book, or an OTC-based Exchange.

What is the actual cost to start a cryptocurrency exchange script?

A cryptocurrency exchange script doesn’t have a set price, in my opinion. I can tell that it depends on a number of factors namely:

  • P2P, Order Book, and OTC exchanges all have comparable costs, however, P2P costs might be extremely high if the exchange contains complex transactions.
  • The price may increase if you want to develop your crypto exchange by integrating plenty of features.
  • If you want to set up additional levels of security, the cost of integrating security features may vary and it ensures a high level of security.

A cost to start a cryptocurrency exchange script varys from USD 5,000. It contains all the functions and features options with a pleasing user-friendly interface. Additionally, it has an admin dashboard that enables the crypto exchange’s administrators to track, alter, and handle the cryptocurrency exchange via remote access.

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