History #ZKSwap V3 #NFT

greetings to all, I want to share my experience with NFT, I started getting to know NFT in early 2021. At first I got to know NFT because of the many news that spread everywhere about how good NFT is until I saw the news that there were several NFTs that valued in the millions to billions.

At first, seeing the amazing selling price, I really wanted to make NFT, but it turned out that making NFT was not as easy as I thought, but there I didn’t give up and kept learning and learning.
until now I made a regular NFT with the theme “school nostalgia”

starting from my experience, I have a bright vision so that NFT can become blockchain history. My vision is that NFT is a work that has a strong meaning and theme and good ideas can be immortalized on the platform.

but to realize that vision, of course, there are many obstacles and obstacles but that is not the end, whatever problems occur, they can be resolved properly if they are handled properly and carefully.

Therefore, I hope this NFT feature can accept my opinion well and happily. because I am serious in following the development of this NFT.|

L2 Wallet : 0xdd004E57c85fb64adADACc2BFb975f4666ED9F17