How NFT can be used in games/#ZKSwap V3 #NFT

Computer games have been known for almost 30 years, but in recent years, many of them began to switch to blockchain technology, and this is already a different level of development.

Among the most famous are cryptokitties. This game captured users more than 3 years ago. At first, cats could be bought very inexpensively, but now the situation has changed.


Most recently, one cryptocat was sold for 170 thousand dollars. It might seem like an insane waste of money to inexperienced users, but this case showed that gaming is one of the most interesting use cases for NFT. There are already games where you can buy artifacts in the form of NFTs.

In one of the games, for example, it sells tokens of virtual parcels of land. Developers could go further and release in-game swords, helmets, or whatever, as NFTs, so that gamers could show their advantage over others.

In my understanding, this is a unique opportunity that the creators of ZKSwap should take advantage of collaborating with online gaming teams that use blockchain is a great opportunity to make good profits and expand your user base.