#ZKSwap V2 Token Listing Feedback#!

I have just listed VRA-ETH pair, everything was straightforward, easy and quick. I was supposed to wait 5-10 min for listing, but my pair was listed in just 3 minutes! Very good! Here is the result of my listing.

However, during the process I found a typo here

“etimated” should be “estimated”

Also, I am not an expert in English (it is not even my native language), but let’s look at this pop-up, which appears after I click the button “Add liquidity” to the newly created pair

Every sentence should begin with a capital letter. Plus, there is a typo in the second line - “tokends”, which should be “tokens”


#ZKSwap V2 Token Listing Feedback#

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Hi @katerina510, thanks for your suggestion. We will make the corrections.
And are you part of the VRA team? Would like to make the connection between VRA team with us?