ZKSwap Improvement Proposals Guidelines

All ZKSwap Improvement Proposals should follow the template guidelines:

1.Proposal Requirement 提案要求:

1: The title should be concise and the proposal should only be written in English or Chinese.

2: Start the proposal with a short summary or bullet points.

3: Provide an explanation: Clearly describe what will be implemented if the proposal is executed.

4: Give the motivation: Reason for your proposal.

5: Add specifications: Provide a further explanation if necessary.

6: Give the Pros and Cons of your proposal.

7: Option to include a poll for voting.

Please carefully consider your proposal before posting on our forum, thank you!

2.Proposal Template 提案模版:

Title 标题:

Summary 简要:

Explanation 解释:

Motivation 原因:

Specifications 补充说明:

Pros 支持理由:

Cons 反对理由:

Poll 投票选项: