[#ZKSwap V2 Token Listing Feedback#]

Hi ZKSwap team, I would like to say that overall the token listing experience on ZKSwap v2 is great. I was following the guide provided on ZKSwap wiki and managed to list my test token (Token Code: JKLFC ; Contract address: 0xd38867a003f60d6f3225a7c88502751462b0a0de).

Here is some of my feedback regarding my experience while listing my token:

  • The guide is well written and easy to follow. But I noticed that the guide didn’t mention that the listing fee will be deducted from L1 wallet which might cause user failed to list their token.
  • Listing time took longer than 5-10 minutes as what stated as the estimation from confirming till the token is listed, Tried to list several token and it took around 15 minutes to have the token successfully listed.

Apart from those 2, the token listing process is very smooth and great.