ZKSwap V2 Token Listing Feedback by AZIZ

Dear ZKSwap team,

As per your medium article I have tested you ZKSwap v2 to give feedbacks and problems.
Firstly my token was successfully listed with USDT pair, but it took me around 10 minutes to confirm my listing (this time even can be used by lowering some network confirmation).
Secondly, when I tried to open the token listing page on metamask app on moblie phone, it just refused and redirected me to my ZKSwap L1 wallet, this is a bug or a glitch which happens only in mobile phone and not in desktop. This is a major bug and must be fixed.
Lastly, if all these things are fixed then it would be a very good DApp for swapping different tokens with zero fees on L1.
MY ETH WALLET ADDRESS - 0x558b9Aff28C9734bBe8e7de4Bdc84D86888cE502