ZKSwap V2 Testnet Feedback #

Hello, project manager! I have completed my test on ZKSwap. I like this dapp, and I will constant attention on this DEX. Now I hane some immature suggestion。

  1. About L1 deposit to L2 is too slow for the user. Prompt is 3-5minuit,but I wait for confirmation is one hour。 I think for those who are eager to trading is not friendly。
    2.About minimum amount required must above 200USDT or 50 ZKS, I think it’s unfriendled for tester.I hope that the main network will improve it.
    In general, I still like it. Thank you。

MY address:0xec561DD73346f761d1C09f46999bc8Ea1b1E95a2

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Your suggestion is useful