#ZKSwap V2 Testnet Feedback#_V2

Used the ZKSwap V2 testnet … many improvements have been made after v1 launch and many improvements are to be done yet. I would like note down some points after using it.

  1. Hope the long awaited waiting time for deposit and coin listing time will be solved when the mainnet will go live
  2. the user interference is catchy and also looks cool.
  3. providing liquidity and removing the liquidity works fine
  4. my first swap was completed but last time when I went to swap from ETH to ZKS after clicking swap… it is not redirecting me to metamask It is throwing me an “unknown error”

  1. I think there should be a prompt before every transaction about reminding the token that will be used for transaction fee
  2. bug report and social links are added in more option that is awesome.

waiting for the launch and using them after that :slight_smile:

Addy : 0x38B2C7674f3b36CFe5f2B06Dc1Ab25B392282d18