#ZKSwap BSC# Feedback

1. Should the BSC version of ZKSwap issue an independent governance token, dubbed BZKS?

-I don’t think it should be, it will create confusion. ZKS is the best fit. After all, there will be a marketing event, I think the fact that bzks will make it more difficult.

2. What coins should be listed on the BSC version of ZKSwap?


3. What fee tokens should be added to the BSC version of ZKSwap?


4. What are your expectations for the first Layer2 product on the BSC?

If this does not happen, it will not catch a quick exit. If he announces himself effectively, the results will be perfect. Airdrop or NFT, or any other method too. In the BSc network, the fee is very low, and L2 should not be at all. In addition, the fee received when depositing L2 should also be reset in the same way. He won’t get any attention without making a difference. The revenue should be remarkable Stake, Mining facilities. If the direct transfer feature from L2 to the stock market comes, it makes a perfect difference.

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