#ZKSwap #BSC Feedback layer 2 bsc network

Hello everyone, I want to give my suggestions and expectations for the ZKSwap BSC Version, for the first time I suggest about the governance token, I think with the governance token, it becomes a fairly independent name because it matches the name of the product, therefore I agree with that, then my suggestion is that in ZKSwap BSC register tokens that have popularity and large projects such as $CTK $TKO $TLM and others, I also expect the token to be a fee for trading, namely the BZKS token itself because later it has a different function besides being able to be a fee, it can also be a core token, and finally my hope for this Layer 2 ZKSwap hopefully with this layer 2 product ZKS can be better known to many people and many users who use this layer 2 product, thank you.


#ZKSwap #BSC