Feedback v2 BSC on #Zkswap #BSC

  1. Should the BSC version of ZKSwap issue an independent governance token, dubbed BZKS?

Yes, this is the right solution for a governance token

  1. What coins should be listed on the BSC version of ZKSwap?

We need to see more tokens that are already available in the Ethereum network with support for the BNB Smart Chain (formerly known as Binance Smart Chain), they need to be added to Zkswap

  1. What fee tokens should be added to the BSC version of ZKSwap?

It is definitely necessary to add BZKS as this will increase the price of the token

  1. What are your expectations for the first Layer2 product on the BSC?

I hope that ZKSwap will make it easier to work with DEX and without the hefty fees like ETH

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Thank you ZKSwap! :heart_eyes: