Invitations #ZKSwap V3 #NFT

  1. Personal experience or insights of your involvement in NFT design, distribution, or trading
    I tried to create an NFT character, but I didn’t succeed. When it turns out, I will publish it on ZKSwap V3.
  2. Your vision on current and future NFT development
    I think NFT will be even more successful in the future.
  3. Your thoughts on issues currently exposed in the NFT industry
    I am concerned about network congestion, which is why it slows down. Your project should solve this problem.
  4. Your expectations and suggestions for the NFT feature based on Layer2
    I hope that ZKS will be as successful as NFT.
    that is my eth wallet - 0x754fFFc6c8C4Eaa52fdADBa82BFbF6980C348457