Review about #ZKSwap V3 #NFT

My experience with NFT
Experience in NFT is a very beautiful thing in my life, keep up to date with updates about NFT, often read the latest news about NFT, I have previously tried trading NFT on the opensea platform but I was disappointed by the transaction fee.

My vision of NFT development
I want to introduce NFT to my friends who like to make any designs, so my vision in the future also wants to try to introduce this more, because I believe that NFT has a bright future.

My thoughts on the issues exposed to the NFT industry
so I really like reading the latest news about NFT on social media, but I always think positively whatever happens to the NFT industry, that I believe the NFT industry will always give to its users, fans, who contribute to NFT and who always give something good thing in it

my expectations and suggestions for the NFT feature based on Layer2
like what I said, anything related to NFT I certainly think positively about it, so I hope this NFT feature provides the best for all of them, and as a suggestion every time I make any transaction on ZKSwap I want to not mind the transaction fee so this is possible represent some people who complain about transaction fees, so ZKSwap can simplify the fee for each transaction

my address : 0x3464508bE86092D608c159875183De86ee5FBBbD