Good job #ZKSwap V3 #NFT

Today I saw an announcement about the launch of NFT it will be interesting to participate since I have not used NFT yet, I will wait for the launch of Zkswap V3 to try it, and yes, with the help of zero gas, it looks like an interesting experience
Probably in the future, nft will become an interesting market for the development of interesting tokens with the use of such as staking, pharming, so that users can receive income from their tokens, thus the value due to this will only grow.
I do not know any problems with nft since I have not used it yet, I will wait for the launch of the platform to find out about the shortcomings.
I am waiting for a high speed of transactions inside Zkswap, as trading with conventional tokens is very fast’

Zkswap wallet 0x631695cedcD2F0218006BDfe7F4b2D97B9a44ecf