#ZKSwap V3 #NFT nice project

First I want to say " Thank you " For giving us the opportunity to share our nft experience, expectations and suggestions. Since i was young i loved to to creating visual affect. I visited many countries in asia throughout my journey i grabed most of the scenario in my art. Then i find a blog post where i see there are a blockchain section where artist create their physical artwork as digital art called nft. Then i surfed the web and learned how to create my own nft. Yeah in feb i finally success to create my first ever nft and list it on opensea. After 1month my nft was sold at 4.9 eth on opensea . It was a great experience then i decided to shift my art as nft. But that was not too easy decission because for minting a single nft user need more than 70$, And i lost more than 3eth only for gas fee. This was painful. Currently i am looking for a marketplace who give me the opportunity to create nft without gas fee. And that’s why i am here. Currently nft has suffer some problem… One of them is gas fee that already solved if Zkswap give us the opportunity. Another one is fake nft. Many scammer are mint Others art this is not a good sign. And in decentralization world it’s almost impossible to detect those scammers. So Please add some features that detect those Scammer. Every user will be happy.