User Feedback for ZKswap feature and twitter contest

ZKSwap User Feedback!

I’d like to share honest feedback which I have collated using the application features and obviously a motivation to win the feedback contest :blush:

User Interface
Every application is accepted well by its users if the UI is well deigned and easy to use which I found in ZK Swap case – Kudos to the design team who deigned the UI as they well thought through all possible jump offs, tabs and even colour scheme – for example they did not put the links to features like swap, mint to the left-hand menu which most of the daps have. I really like the menu options on the top it’s like screening the screen as you go from top to bottom

There’s a refresh button right next to the asset balance which comes very handy whenever there’s a lag in system for displaying assets.

Also, some of the tool tips are nice like if you go to ‘hidden small’ section then tool tip tells you that it will stop displaying assets which are less than 5$ - very cool.

General stuff
In more section, application has all the links like Discord, Telegram etc. which is written in words and not as symbol which normally web pages have at the end of the page and sometimes its hard to find the social media link – so very smartly thought of.

Navigation between v1.0 2.0 and 3.0 is again easy using the top button towards right hand side and can be spotted easily

NFT page
This page has really impressed me – very neat in terms of design yet you have a playback in the center which shows you different NFTs and at the bottom you have more NFTs to discover which are I guess hot or trending.

I also like the details feature on the NFT page contract name, creator details, price details and transaction records are on the same page and easily accessible and even NFT mall is also very handy to search specific NFTs

What can we improve?
I believe multi language support on the webpage would really help as the community users are global and English may not be their native language

Under transaction settings Fee token can be made as a dropdown in future once more assets are supported.

I hope my feedback helps!