#V3 Testnet #Feedback my experience

Super excited about this v3 which will bring a lot of value to us the users.
The experience using the testnet were really smooth, even though I had trouble connecting my wallet in the NFT section : the connect button was down from this page. I had to go back to the L2 wallet section to connect it. From there, I have been able to make the steps to mint my first NFT on the platform.

ANYWAY, apart from this, this an absolute game changer ! Just before I tested ZKSwap I had to pay 20$ to stake some NFT (MoonBoyz : check it out on OS) on the main net. So paying this low in fee for such a low time for validation is such a needed way of functioning.

Huge thanks to the team for their hard work in developing this solution and to further push the mass adoption of blockchain technologies.