Warning about game: Is F-Cat Scam? Where is the truth?

F-Cat is an NFT game that is making waves in the investment community. There are many opinions that F-Cat is a scam, let’s find out the truth.
About F-Cat:
F-Cat is a generation of games developed on the blockchain platform, released by Qiya company - a technology game studio. Inspired by stray feral cats, the creators have adapted the game F-Cat into a digital pet world, a mini-gamed society.
Project Highlights :
A special feature of F-Cat is that it has many rewards in the form of tokens for gamers with good strategies or contributions to the F-Cat ecosystem. Here, players will nurture F-Cat, collect treasures, participate in the community, trade in-game items and magic cat for profit.
This is truly a revolutionary step forward for the gaming industry. In most of today’s online games, players have to recharge to be able to equip characters and buy in-game items. But the actual purchased virtual item is still owned by the publisher. In the game F-Cat, it’s different, you have real ownership of pets, land, items and can buy, sell and transfer to anyone on Marketplace.
To be able to join the F-Cat ecosystem, players must make an initial investment to adopt the first F-Cat pet. However, the player can breed other F-Cats through the collection of Baby Elf. If you are lucky enough to successfully breed a F-Cat, you can earn very high profits.
How to play F-Cat
●Adopting a Magic Cat:
To join the game, players must own 1 original F-Cat. The F-Cats are divided into several groups with different features and prices. Therefore, depending on your wallet as well as the required characteristics of F-Cat, players may have the option of buying on MarketPlace.
●Daily quest in F-Cat:
In this Play to Earn game, there is a daily mission mode so that players can receive daily reward tokens. Players only lose 1 divine essence energy when participating in the game and help increase the level of the F-Cats as well as earn bonus tokens for completing daily tasks. Depending on the characteristics of your F-Cat pet, the daily quest rewards will have different values.
●F-Cat Breeding System:
The F-Cats are not only capable of collecting treasures, but they can also create new magic cats. Each magic cat is 1 NFT and can be easily traded on the F-Cat MarketPlace.
●Is F-Cat a scam?
Since its release, F-Cat has caused a lot of controversy around the issue of whether this is a form of Ponzi scheme scam, a model that takes money from the latter to pay for the former? Those who join early will reap the huge benefits brought by the latecomers.
Distinguishing how F-Cat works from a Ponzi model will shed light on whether F-Cat is deceiving users or not.
●The same point
Both models develop very quickly, always needing more new players to join the network, forcing them to spend a large amount of money initially, the latter will have to spend more and more money.
●Different point
-Ponzi model: Is a form of credit fraud in the form of capital mobilization, taking money from the latter to pay the former. This model has no actual product, but deliberately paints the participants the illusion of investment plans that do not exist. Usually, the operator will promise to pay high profits to attract investors.
-F-Cat: Contrary to the Ponzi model, F-Cat is a game that brings entertainment value, applied for the purpose of “Protecting the worldwide feral cat community”, in cooperation with charity organizations to support public welfare in the form of sponsorship, save stray cats and pay the love fund to players by receiving funds in the game.
Through the analysis of the operation characteristics, the development of the F-Cat ecosystem and the future potential of F-Cat, it is clear that there is no sign to confirm that F-Cat is cheating players. Just because Play-to-Earn is so new has raised some concerns for those who are looking to invest.
To better understand the operation model and profit sharing of F-Cat, you can refer to their telegram community channel: t.me/ fcatcommunitychannelEN