#ZKSwap missing tokens after initial purchase

Unsure where to reach out for support. Hope this is appropriate.

About 6 days ago i used zkswap to purchase tokens. I deposited ETH and swapped to zkswap. I could see the correct token balance at the time, however, today i cannot see the balance. It only shows me my metamask wallet which doesn’t have the tokens as i never transferred them there.

Can anyone help please?

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Your token may deposit to our v2. You can go to v2.zks.app to get your fund.

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Amazing - it worked, thank you. Much appreciated.

HI Wesley, please advise how I can move it from v2 to v3 or is it a L2 to L2 transaction ?

Hi, this has been resolved. I needed to use an older version of your app - I was given the URL. Thanks.

Hi Aqua123 & Wesley,
I can access funds on V2 asL2.
It seems I need to go from V2 L2 to L1 to L2 V3 to have the funds in V3
lots of gas fees
it would be good to see my balance transferred from V2 to V3 without the steps above. I was asking if this is possible or available

You might be able to withdraw the funds to your wallet then simply deposit on the version of your choice. Perhaps best to wait for someone from the ZK team to respond.

Hi, you need to withdraw your fund from v2 to ETH L1 wallet. And deposit your fund from your L1 wallet to v3.

Thanks for the answer, Wesley!!

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