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The lion (Sanskrit: Siṃha, or its scientific name Panthera leo) is a species of animal from the family felidae or cat breed. Lions are living animals. Usually consists of males and many females. This group guards their territory. The lifespan of a lion is between 10 and 15 years in the wild, but in captivity it may be more than 20 years.

The female lion is much more active in hunting, while the male lion is more relaxed in waiting and asking for rations from the female prey. Lions are believed to be superior and compared to other big cats, but the weakness of lions is that they cannot climb other large trees. Male lions grow thick fur around the nape, this is more advantageous to protect the nape, especially in free fights between big cats who tend to pounce on the nape to paralyze their enemies.

Other big cats, such as cheetahs and leopards, are much smaller than lions. Even though they come from the same family as tigers, lions don’t like water. Unlike the tiger who likes the air.