#ZKSwap Rebranding#Talking about

First, let’s talk about the overall feeling of the zkswap project. Regardless of the currency price, the overall development progress is still very positive. Various functional experiences are still possible. For example, unlimited currency listings. The only drawback is that the major exchanges directly transfer funds through layer2. not yet open, the following specific on to the next core functions:

1.DEX contrast Exchange uni, sushi these headers, to take full advantage of zkswap zero fees, and other advantages of rapid accounted body
experience, such as the reopening of liquidity mining Incentive measures, refer to dydx token rewards to unlock in batches to increase expectations of currency price increases.

  1. NFT and other high-quality works on the shelf fee to implement preferential measures, according to the volume of incentives as part of Zsk as incentives

  2. In layer2, zks or eth can be chosen as the payment currency, and the proceeds can be purchased directly for zks destruction. Finally, it is suggested that the project can have a live communication process in the community, so that the community can have an intuitive understanding of the process, address:0x6fA5251646984fc04BdFE7464E14BaDcE0d3B8B2