#ZKSwap V3 #NFT thought

I want to introduce NFT to my friends who like to do any design, so my future vision also wants to try to introduce this more, because I believe NFT has a good future.

We should also encourage NFT designers and give them more ability to realize all their ideas.

First I created an account and then loaded some eth to create my first NFT. Trust me, it was a great experience. From then on, I was an NFT lover. During my NFT journey, I have built many NFTS and sold them in various markets. But it wasn’t an easy ride because I lost so many dollars just on gas. It was a painful experience. I’m glad to know Zkswap is working with it. L2 NFT wow! This is what I’m looking for. I’m useless without NFT, which is the future of all digital art. During my NFT journey, I faced many problems. One of the main problems is forged NFT. When you see someone stealing your original content and selling it on the market without your permission, it’s very painful. So I wanted Zkswap Dev to filter the original NFT and display it on the front page so that everyone could easily find the original content.

I really believe that anything in the world can be NFT, which means that anyone can create something unique and can be owned.

The main problem with physical goods is that they have to be held in trust, and the process behind that is to make sure that you can audit them in the real world. Of course, it could be that many people have an NFT, and no one of them could have it all, so it could be a small part of the NFT. Beyond that, I think NFT is a very broad category.