Experience And Bbservation: #V3 Testnet #Feedback

I’ve tested zkswap v3 and following are some of my observation and feedback for your consideration

Overall I have Good Experience

  • Website working Smoothly
  • No issue with Minting Process
  • No issue with Listing Process
  • No issue with Buying Process

Advice for product development

  • Add Dark Mode
  • Add Sorting Funtions to NFT mall
    By adding Sorting Funtions, collectors will be very helpful and make it easier for collectors to find suitable artwork
    1. Lowest prices
    2. Highest prices
    3. Ricently listed
    4. Most traded collection/author
  • Add Share Button
    By adding Share button to each artwork, specially share to social media networks can help the creator, so he/she or his/her fans can easily share and promote the art work across social media and that’s very good for zks itself.
    1. Share to Twitter
    2. Share to Facebook
    3. NFT mall link
    4. Other
  • Add Favorite Button
    By adding a favorite button or function can help collectors. For example, I am interested in buying artwork from artist A, but I will buy it tomorrow. With the favorite button I can press the button, then the next day I just have to see what’s my favorite artwork.
    Favorite/function button can use “Start/Heart” Icon

Expectation : ZKS become the world’s leading NFT platform. More creator and collector coming in into platform

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