NFT rewiev for Zkswap #Zkswap V3 #NFT

Hi, I am a long-time supporter of Zkswap and I see how you started to quickly introduce new functions into your protocol and now you are launching NFT in your future version 3. I decided to join the event to write some thoughts about NFT. At the moment, this is one of the most developing topics in the cryptocurrency market after Dapper Labs sounded loud and they taught users how to use NFT, these NFTs were with a video demonstration of the highlights of the match. I think that it is worth recognizing nft is a good thing for recording any information in the blockchain or demonstrating the brightest moments that happened in history. NFT makes it easier for new artists about whom no one knows to show their talent and perhaps you can become known to the whole world, primarily in the cryptocurrency world, and also sell your first artist’s works at auctions.
I hope Zksvap will attract interesting artists and attract a new audience so that users can evaluate the work by auction and so on. I know that big commissions are a big problem, and of course Zkswap will solve them with the help of zk-roll-up