Personal experience or insights of your involvement in NFT design, distribution, or trading

My personal experience in the NFT world is not very good, but I know what NFT is, how to trade NFT, etc., because I like drawing art, I know that NFT is currently very much in demand by many people, and some people also know about Cryptocurrency. starting from NFT, that’s the good thing about this industry.

Your vision on current and future NFT development

I believe that with the existence of this NFT world, it will be easier for future painters in this world to sell their works and it will be easier for painting enthusiasts to find and buy them.

Your thoughts on issues currently exposed in the NFT industry

In my opinion, this NFT will soon boom in the world and will be known by many people but it needs the right time and the right time.

Your expectations and suggestions for the NFT feature based on Layer2

I hope that with the NFT ZKswap V3 it can make it easier for people to sell/buy their NFT works. so I’m sure it will run smoothly and under control, Success