thoughts, visions, expectations and suggestions #ZKSwap V3 #NFT

  • Personal experience or insights of your involvement in NFT design, distribution, or trading :

I have been involved in this design for a long time. I like to do designs such as logos, posters, abstracts, etc. but knowing NFT I am now interested in making nostalgic designs to be abstracted, later I will trade them too, and knowing NFT features on ZKSwap I will definitely try to trade them here.

  • Your vision on current and future NFT development :

With the development of the blockchain world today, of course there will always be new news, and right now it is lively with NFT news everywhere, I am sure this NFT will continue to be a path of success for designers, painters, etc. and also a road for fans of design, painting, NFT, etc.
it is an honor to know this NFT industry.

  • Your thoughts on issues currently exposed in the NFT industry :

I like to read and search for NFT news, there are problems that are exposed in it but this makes the popularity of NFT more crowded, so I think that the problem is not making the NFT industry smaller but instead getting bigger in popularity.

  • Your expectations and suggestions for the NFT feature based on Layer2 :

I am really happy to read the news about this NFT feature, so I hope that in the future ZKSwap will be more successful in launching new things in it, and the more new things there are of course ZKSwap must always give the best to its users too.

Thanks you.

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