[#New ZKSwap App Test#]

Just try out the latest android version of the zkswap app (my first time downloading the app), overall experience is good:

  • homepage showing prices of popular pairs as well as gainers
  • markets section is displaying as how normal CEX displaying pairs pricing which is great
  • swapping ui is great and straight forward ( but for user not used to swapping will need to learn and adapt - no workaround for that yet)
  • liquidy section is nice just that missing the farming section which is available on the web app else it would be perfect
  • Asset section is the section which I faced difficulty to understand as there is FAST ACCOUNT (L2) AND ETHER ACCOUNT (L1). it would be great if there is a guide link provided on that section to help user to manoeuvre around this section (I managed to understand this section after found the guide about assets on the internet). A guide on the blue section highlighted on my screenshot would be perfect

In conclusion the latest app is promising and only minor polishing is needed. Keep up the goodwork

True love lives away from ZKS