[#ZKSwap Mobile #] (iOS) - My Experience 👍

My first impression using the ZKSwap mobile app is good, but I did run into some hiccups that should be ironed out before broader release and marketing. Overall the app is very smooth and very attractive, and has most of the features ready.

Issue #1 - “Transfer Failed” Error
This seems to be a large issue for many of those on this forum and it was also certainly my largest concern. I tried many times to transfer funds from L1 to L2, and it seemed to only work at random. This is a high level error and must be addressed before moving forward with distributing the app.

Issue #2 - Incorrect Balances
Another issue I had when swapping tokens on L2 was that I was shown incorrect balances of assets that I supposedly had swapped. As shown below, I had swapped ~$220 of ETH => USDT, and my wallet balance reflected that. However, when you deeper you see that I still have $220 of ETH. If you check on USDT, I had 0 (not pictured here). I was also unable to complete swaps of any USDT pairs because it claimed that I had 0 USDT. This is another high level issue that must be ironed out.

Issue #3 - $USD Cost of Transfer
This one is a minor concern but would be an easy fix. When going to send assets from L1 => L2, or back, it would be a good idea to make the transfer fee more visible, but to also add it’s current fiat currency value as well.

Issue #4 - Minimum Balance on L2
Something that caught me off-guard was a required minimum balance on L2/Fast Swap. The user isn’t warned that there is a required minimum balance to use L2, and if they try and deposit a small amount of funds they may be dissuaded from using the app after this. Many users of your app may want to test out functionality before using it and if they see this they may be dissuaded from becoming a user of your app.

Issue #5 - Market Organization
Another concern about the usability of the app is the way that users can sort through markets to trade on. ZKSwap has come out of the gate with a high number of token pairs, and that’s a good thing, but there is not a reliable way to sort the pairs and look through them. When you have multiple token pairs for ETH, ZKS, USDT, etc. it gets to be confusing unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, the app was easy to onboard, works fast, and also looks very sleek and attractive. The liquidity available is decent as well.

The app is almost to where it should be, but needs some work before it is usable. I was unable to complete the airdrop criteria in time because the app was so buggy, and had many issues transferring funds to L2, and with swapping. In my opinion, the airdrop duration should be increased so that users who experienced this issues have a chance to participate. After all, those users that are helping to test the app were not doing it for free or out of the kindness of their heart, they expected some compensation for their time and trouble.


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