#ZKSwap Mobile #Problem transferring eth L1 to L2

Hi team,

Great work with the interface! The product looks amazing. I am eager to try it out, and have two comments, the latter is a major problem and prevents me from initiating any swaps.

1 - When depositing Eth, its not clear if I’m sending to L1 or L2. i attempted to send to L2 directly but it landed in L1. One solution would be to name these “Main Accoint” and “Trading Layer 2 Account” like is done on CEXs. If not, please make it clear if funds cannot be directly deposited into L2.

2 - more major - i cannot actually transfer my eth from L1 to L2. It attempts to set the gas fee automatically, but when I click “confirm” it says “Invalid Input, Please Check”. I’ve attached a screen shot.

Thank you!!!

we will try to fix this and please always download the latest version and try it

Thanks for your advice. please send us your address, we will send you reward in 3 days after the activity end