#ZKSwap Mobile # -Feedback(A lot of flaws in the program)

I installed the program for iOS, created a new wallet, and transferred Eth to this wallet.
After receiving Eth to the ZKS mobile wallet, I found a problem that I can’t transfer funds to L2.

My address in the ZKS wallet: 0x66e83A4c76Fb90c7729a600643Ae75195e75Bb02

The problem is due to the fact that in the iOS mobile phone there is no dot (.) button and the comma(,) sign is not suitable for specifying the amount.
I solved the problem by copying the sign (.), but still when I try to transfer funds from L1 to L2, the application shows: Deposit token failed. I have enough funds for the Eth network commission, but I can’t transfer funds from the ZKS wallet L1 to the wallet L2

You can report any bugs through this link

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Another 1 bug, it is impossible to transfer Eth from the L1 wallet to the L2 wallet. Permanent error: Deposit token failed

And 1 more bug: when I click on the circled button, the program thinks that there are funds on the balance of the L2 wallet, but I do not have them there.

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The search in the SWAP section does not work!

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ony support uppercase upper case now, will optimize it in the future

You’re wrong, the search with upper case doesn’t work either.

The search with a large and small registry does not work!

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thanks for your advice. please send us your address, we will send you reward in 3 days after the activity end