#ZKSwap Mobile # A terrible experience 😥

I’ve been invested ZKswap for a while now, and so far I’m down about 50%, but I still believe in you guys. I think you have a nice app and lots of potential.
I was glad to see you came up with a mobile app and it was nice you use the community to test it. However, the overall UX is horrific!
Obviously, the worst thing that can happen in the crypto space, and the one thing customers dread the most is having their money stuck. And that’s exactly what happened, many times!

I moved some money over to the app just to find out that I can’t do anything unless I have 50zks or $200. I sent some more zks over, so I had 50, and then swapped some of them to USDT. That went fine, but after doing that I couldn’t swap back, because I now didn’t have enough ZKS. Or so I thought. I moved some more ZKS over, and then I could swap the USDT back to ZKS, but I can’t send anything, anywhere.
The worst thing has happened. The money is stuck. Screenshot attached.

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Thanks for your advice. please send us your address, we will send you reward in 3 days after the activity end.

Thanks! :sparkling_heart: @ZKSwap-YY
and good luck!

I think it’s been a while since it ended and I still didn’t get anything.


feedback reward activity will end at the end of this week, the reward will distribute in 3days after activity end