Some bugs and wishes #ZKSwap V2 Testnet Feedback#

ZKSwap V2 Testnet Feedback#
Hello developers!
I want say a few words about my experience of using V2 ZKSwap.
I use Microsoft Edge and Metamask.

  1. If you clik the “View more” under Token or Pairs will go to the pages, but in top menu you will stay on the home page.
  2. If I go directly to token (for example ZKS) I see all trading pars.
    However, if I try find ZKS by search bar i see only one.
    The search by name of tokens don’t work correctly, because I see only one pair if I try find ETH, USDT etc. At the same time, a search by block number gives relevant results.
  3. I want sort Pairs and Tokens by Name, but now it’s impossible.
  4. Token listing work correct (thank’s for tutorial).

    In general, my experience of use zks app was positive.
    I Wish you goodluck!
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Sorry. My Ethereum L2 address: 0x3A7409426f9696a997650315fa4c046625577463