#ZKSwap V2 Testnet Feedback# HP@GC

I tested out the ZKSwap web app with the following actions: Deposit, swap, token listing, and withdrawal. Here are the issues I noticed interacting.

On my Kubuntu 20.04 instance of the horizontal width of the page is greater than 100% so there is overflow and thus a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of my screen.

The other issue I noticed and this may have been something transient with MetaMask was the need to “unlock” my wallet after certain transactions. Namely during swapping or adding liquidity to a trading pair the UI would seem to “freeze”, where it would respond to mouse actions but not update the UI, and the only way to see the result of my action was to refresh the page and “unlock” metamask again.

I was able to swap from ETH into the token that I had created and added liquidity for. However when I went to swap back from that token to one like Eth (where I had added liquidity) I received an “unknown error”. There was output to the console in Firefox and I saved that and can provide it if necessary.

Other than those noted issues the UI seemed a bit nicer compared to v1 and I enjoyed the added features.


Another issue that seems to plague users is the long time for certain transaction. For example here it the delay for my latest deposit from layer 1:

I initiated the deposit at 11:17am PST and as of 6:59 PM PST it still had now confirmed in ZKS v2 even though I could view the transaction on etherscan.