[#ZKSwap V2 Token Listing Feedback HPGC & GCryp Tokens#]

#ZKSwap V2 Token Listing Feedback HPGC & GCryp Tokens#

The tokens that I added were:
HPGC contract: 0x48f76287db8ac330ec9c6a78f05119dc453a2a94
Gcryp contract: 0x94532b1f05387bff39eb83bf4e63171c210ad9c3

For speed I used the following template I found for deploying the tokens on the testnet: Necessary code to generate an ERC20 Token · GitHub

The first issue was with adding liquidity to a new token and how it calculated the value after creating the LP tokens. For example in each case (of adding custom tokens to zkswap) I first generated a total token supply of 10 Million. Next I would add the token to ZKS by searching the contract address of my newly generated token and manually listing it. Once listed I would then proceed to deposit 2000000 of said token to ZKS Layer 2. After the deposit I would proceed to add liquidity by creating an LP token that consisted of my 2000000 token deposit and 2 Eth. In each instance I noted the following behavior. Lets assume the price of ETH in USD is $2,000.00 per Eth. I add 2 Eth (worth $4,000 USD total using our assumption) and 2000000 of my token worth $0.00 USD and combine them into an LP token my expected value of that token is $4,000.00. However in actuality the value would show $8,000 or maybe $7996.41 or something incredibly close to double the initial value of liquidity.

Here are screen shots that demonstrate what I mean.

This is the screenshot of just after having deposited 2,000,000 freshly minted Gcryp tokens. What is missing is the following deposit of 0.4 more Eth as I wanted to add 2 Eth to the liquidity pool I created with Gcryp. Here the computed value of Eth value is approximately $9655.01.

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This is merely demonstrating the completed deposit of my newly minted Gcryp coin and the fact that the 2,000,000 Gcryp hold no value in USD as of yet.

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This shows the newly created LP token. Note in the transactions that 2 Eth (with a value per Eth of $9655.01 or a total value of $19,310.02) and 2,000,000 Gcryp (with a value per token of $0.00 and a total value of $0.00) were minted into an LP token. What is really interesting is the value of the LP Token is $38,620.10 which when divided by 2 Eth gives a per Eth price of $19,310.05 which happens to be almost exactly double (plus $0.03 which I am not sure how to account for) the price of Eth at the time of adding liquidity.

This does not seem like intended behavior but maybe I am missing something. It just feels like it’s creating artificial liquidity values based on what I observed.

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The second issue was with one token being searchable by the token symbol and the other not. After adding then depositing the token HPGC and adding liquidity to the HPGC/ETH pair I was able to make swaps by searching for the token by it’s symbol. However with the token GCryp even after adding liquidity I still am only able to find the token using the contract address. My other token HPGC shows up when making swaps perfectly like the image below:

Below is a link to the solidity files I used for generating my test tokens:

It’s been awesome watching what you guys are building and I’m really looking forward to seeing this in production!


I attempted to perform the same test again to see if the value doubled only now I am having issues with token listing.

i have attached a screenshot of my latest test token which has been confirming since 7/4/21 @ 12:00 or so. It’s been 24 hours since it was submitted.

Here is the screenshot:

China is boycotting ZKS! Everyone is reporting ZKS to the Chinese government! Foreign friends, be careful!!!!

I like these weak attempts at FUD.

It is now 7/6/2021 and the following token listing still will not list.

In an attempt to further troubleshoot I submitted the token again but this time tried pairing it to USDT. I’ll update when I get a result.

So it looks like the token listing does not want to list my newest token. Code is the same from my other two token submissions other than token name and symbol being changed.

As of now I have not been able to deposit the token or list, it just sits stuck at “confirming” and has been stuck there since Sunday 7/4/21.

I guess i’ll keep trying it periodically but it seems to be having more issues with deposits and time not less.