#ZKSwap V2 Testnet Feedback# succesfull listing and unsuccesfull liquidity adding

Hi. After receiveng a contract adress for my token I submitted a ETH pair listing request and it got confirmed approximately after 28+ hours. Than I decided to add some liquidity to the created pair. After clicking on a “add liquidity” button the following massage appeared: “please make sure that yor total assets in ZKSwap are higher than 50 ZKS or 200USDT in value, and try again”. Then I tried to deposit some USDT to L2 from L1 account. As for this moment deposit transaction is still pending after 24+ hours
Deposit transaction hash 0xe3acde2511e6b60d36dfd67c37810aba19ebfe751e843e6ddaa2e93f5a55f7e3