#ZKSwap V2 Testnet Feedback# my experience

I was trying to deposit 0.5 ETH, and after a few minutes it seems to be success - when I click on 0.5 ETH in Transactions (see screenshot), it shows Success status. And also on Etherscan and on zks Transaction detail page (https://v2.zkswap.info/en/transaction/0x2237dc10741bd181c9973a679b96046d1102c6b91e0d83f95643b5aee2e103e6) I can see Success status as well. But I still can not do anything with my funds and it shows Total Assets 0.00, which also remains so even after I click on “Refresh”. It is like that more than an hour already. So it looks like the operation is successful, but I did not receive my funds.


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