ZKSwap Android APP 2.0 Goes Online!

With the launch of the ZKSwap 2.0 mainnet on July 28, community members can eventually list any ERC-20 tokens as they wish. Meanwhile, we are so excited to unveil the ZKSwap Android App 2.0.

In addition to continuing providing trading and swapping services, the new Android version focuses on creating an aggregated wallet on Layer2, that is, Android App will serve as the underlying protocol of Layer2 and interact with other project assets based on Layer2, which will be more convenient for users to migrate and store Layer 2 assets.

The main functions and features of ZKSwap Android app version 2.0 are as followed:

  1. Change the homepage to the account page of Layer2 wallet to highlight the function of asset management, weaken Layer1 wallet, but keep the account entry of Layer1;
  2. Support the conversion of adding multiple wallets and subsequent multi-chain wallets;
  3. Support search and add list, exchange, add and remove liquidity for token contract;
  4. Support mobile Web to realize projects such as mining in the terminal/receiving income;
  5. Add the collection function of trading pairs on the market page;
  6. Brighten the hue of the overall UI.

As the world’s largest Layer2 DEX, ZKSwap team has been adhering to the principle of taking technology as the leading factor and giving priority to users, and constantly exploring the cutting-edge technologies of blockchain to enhance user experience. By comprehensively upgrading Android app version 2.0, users can experience the speed and convenience of aggregated wallets that are exclusive to Layer2 level, and enjoy ZKSwap’s openness, transparency, cooperation and determination to build Layer2 ecology together.

Click here to download the latest version of ZKSwap Android APP to experience the aggregated wallet of Layer2 completely.

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