New App Version Released! Join Test Program And Earn Up To 100 ZKS!

Almost two months after the Beta launch of the ZKSwap App in mid-April, we released a new App version ( Android 0.1.5 / iOS 0.1.2 ) on June 1st, 2021 with multiple minor bug fixes.

Besides an easy-to-use experience on Layer2 with zero gas fees, the latest App allows users to add or remove liquidity and provides most of the functions as the web version does. We also plan a late June update to add community mining and many other new features.

Since the Beta version has received dozens of valuable comments and suggestions through the Test Program, we decide to double the rewards for a second round. Details are as follows:

How to participate in the Test Program:

Time: June 1, 2021 — June 18, 2021

Rules & Requirements:

  1. Download the latest ZKSwap App ( )
  2. Write a post regarding your experience with the App, bug feedback, suggestions, etc. with at least 50 words and the title [# New ZKSwap App Test #]
  3. Go to ZKSwap Forum and publish your post in the “Problems and Feedback” sector (Problems & Feedback - ZKSwap Forum)


The ZKSwap team will assess each post considering multiple metrics, including the number of views, likes, comments, quality of the content as well as the validity of the suggestions.

  1. Best Post: The three best posts will receive a reward of 100 ZKS each
  2. Adoption Award: Unlimited number of awards of 20 ZKS each

Reward Distribution:

Rewards will be sent to winners within three days after the end of the program.


All posts should be original. Users will be disqualified from receiving rewards if found plagiarizing.

The final interpretation of this activity belongs to the ZKSwap team.