Discord discussion initiated by AL: about token listing

This is the discussion initially posted by AL in the ZKSwap discord #general channel
“Hey guys
And girls
The guys in price discussion group told me to post my idea here
Basically was thinking that it would be good to allow anyone to openly list a token on zkswap, but to make the entity that wants to list, buy zks and list their token against this as a pair
So token holders don’t have to vote on it being listed
But that amount of zks they need to lockup in liquidity pair needs to be substantial (min threshold)
Also in addition they have to buy and lock equal amount into a holding contract that serves as collateral again a rug pull
If they rug this gets distributed to those victims holding the ‘bad token’
This would basically make zks the reserve standard for the zkswap platform, and also create a deflationary effect on the token
Open to feedback”

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Good idea,

OK lets get some discussion going on this. Telegram/Discord is too fragmented and noisy.

The amount of ZKS required to launch a token may put off a number of smaller token creators. Let’s say we require $5K that wouldn’t be much compensation if a token pumps up to $5mil marketcap and rug pulls!

Perhaps as first supplier of liquidity of a token, aka the token/contract creator, the smart contract for that code auto sells these tokens in to ZKS on some kind of curve as the token price rises.

If the solution protects against rug pulls then we kind of want the little dev teams onboard. IMO new token launches are the best way to attract users into the ecosystem.

Users get:

  1. Loads of tokens to trade.
  2. Anti-rugpull mechanism
  3. Zero gas fees

They’ll never look back :wink:

Lets hear your thoughts!


I feel_if it can be pulled off_ is same type of luiquidity incentives for zks n token launched pairs etc. BUT insted of letting anyone bring any garbage they want we have a native zkswap launch or launch pad using zkswap as the launch platform. We could copy other models like OCCAM fi Trustswap *(who u guys should for real reach out to_that project leader is a boss n swap just got hit hard with other alt dumps _with P2P swaps n launch pad this is the type of project ZKS would pair well with) Basically liquidity would need to locked up x amount of time in z format but besides rug pull preventions this is the best of both worlds.