Create Launchpad to allow new token listing

I’m HodlTheDoor a Discord admin. I have a suggestion below from a discussion in discord earlier today.

Allow new token listings and a way for new projects to launch easily.

Launchpads provide a way to raise capital for new projects while allowing investors to gain early access to token sales. This usually results in purchasing tokens at a reduced price before they hit the markets.

This would attract more liquidity and usage of ZKSwap. New users would benefit from reduced gas also. ZKSwap could offer incentives such as Initial farm offerings
eg. If you hold 10,000 zks you get presale alotment.


  • ZkSwap would gain extra new users and liquidity
  • There would be more people discussing ZkSwap on social media due to new project hype
  • There will be more natural volume and liquidity


  • There would be risks of ‘rug pulls’ to the users.

Although there is a risk to users on rug-pulls, this can always be a risk on any project/platform. ZKSwap can do some due-diligence on new projects and warn users appropriately that trading is at their own risk.

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Lots of support for this kind of idea in the Telegram channels! Makes so much sense to ask for new listers to ‘hold’ ZKS to be able to list. Would drive demand of the token and also bring more and more users. Creating a real ecosystem.

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token launch pads are great if you can attract quality projects but vetting them is crucial due to the possible unrepairable damage a rug pull could do to a launchpad via ZKS. The great thing about this is they are already on layer two and most importantly good projects create hype and excitement.

I would recommentd that anyone who interacts iwth the “launchpad” would need to have a minium amount staked. like 1k to 500usd in zks. (NOTE dont freeze out possible future IPO investors by not changing the amount of ZKS needed staked _per project in a set USD via ZKS amount.) this way if ZKS token price goes up staking 500 zks goes from a few hundred to way more then ur average retail can afford.

really the other key and by far the most important is a way to lock up projects that launch liquidity on zkswap etc for set amount of time or and some other means to prevent rug pulls etc.

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I’m guessing that there is no appetite for this as I posted it over a month ago and didn’t get any response or even an acknowledgement of the suggestion.

It’s a shame, the current usage of ZkSwap is pretty lack-luster. 33 Deposits & 46 withdrawals in the last 24 hours. Getting platform awareness and usage increased should be a priority.

100 percent agree

How can we help

Guys with unlimited token listings coming, we are heading in the right direction. I think once this is completed and on mainnet the team can start to look at other things like launchpad etc. I am very happy with the progress the team are making recently.

Maybe… I’m not sure unfortunately. I was removed from my Discord admin position and no longer work with this project.

I wish everyone the best for the future.


Thanks for the update and quick response.

This always goes a long way with us.

We look forward to the future of ZKS and would be open to promoting stateside.


Thanks for the suggestions. We love the idea of launchpad. But there still have some legal and compliance concern. We will consider how to better help new projects and make ZKSwap a better place for new project to be listed on.