#ZKSwap Rebranding# NEW entry


Crypto moves like lightning as you know. However, there are a few things that remain constant, which ZKS can capitalize on.

First, investors are fickle. Here today, gone tomorrow. So why not offer all of the newest ICO coins and NFTs? Be the premiere exchange for the newest projects. This is of course follows all the private sales and white listing, etc… These poor fledgling projects need a great dex to trade on. Usually it’s either Uniswap (killmewithgasfees) or Pancake swap, maybe Gate. Sure there’s always a liquidity challenge with new listings; that’s not going away. But the excitement of NEW is the hook!

Consider https://icodrops.com/category/upcoming-ico/ for instance. Everyday you’ll find at least one new project a day launching, if not three or four. Now forget the dinosaur projects for a moment–your Solanas, your Pokadots, your Ethereums. We want the freshest, the newest, the excitement-est of the latest and next greatest.

With this in mind, ZKS can be the go-to exchange for the newest, latest projects listed on Coin Gecko. Everyday can be an exciting day with new projects landing on the site. Traders get-in-on the early action! The newest game projects, the newest nft projects, the newest defi projects, the newest anything and everything trading crypto projects.

ZKS offers the NEWEST projects!

Some of which will die off, some of which will rocket to the moon and everything in between. Doesn’t much matter. You don’t need to discriminate. Just offer the freshest and the newest. The excitement of what’s possible and what might be possible day in and day out is what matters.

How about NEWSWAP?

Keep the L2 V3 everything that makes ZKS great with all that the TEAM has already built. You are an exchange, Grasshopper. Everyday, list, list, list. (If projects don’t want to be part of it, to hell with them. Keep listing.) Now, onwards and upwards with everything NEW!


My address is 0x5df0f0703433353fbd225fa9d12c25aae939d06f