#V3 Testnet Feedback# review

Well done ZKswap! They are a ZK-Rollups based Layer-2 DEX with the AMM model. ZK roll ups will do for crypto what we all have been waiting for: Massive scalability, reduction in cost to zero, and speeds we never imagined were possible. Optimistic roll ups never saw this coming. ZKswap is here to make this all happen flawlessly. Real-time swaps with zero gas fees, unlimited scalability, while removing the constraint from the Ethereum’s TPS, and block confirmation time. ZKSwap is a token Swap protocol based on Automated Market Maker (AMM). The full set of uniswap functions are realized in Layer-2, while providing unlimited scalability and privacy. ZKSwap provides liquidity providers and traders with ultra-high throughput swap infrastructure, and transactions do not require any gas fees. How can this not be the best thing ever for L1 and L2 integration. Additionally as icing on the cake ZKswap allows for the minting of NFTs in a quick and easy manner with a flawless interface. I thought Pinata was easy but ZKswap is much much easier and user friendly with a great UI. Minting time was super quick as well. Integration with MetaMask is seamless so you don’t have to worry about wallet laws and performance issues.

Don’t forget to join the ZKswap forum on Discord for more info on this amazing technology which will achieve up to 10,000 TPS! Also follow them on twitter @zkswapofficial