#ZKSwap #BSC feedback

for bsc network on zkswap no problem i’ve tried it, it will be a good jump for this project, which carries layer2.

i think there is no need to generate governance tokens for bsc, but for liquidity pools like staking and others zks can create governance tokens but it’s better to upgrade zks specific products in mainet zks

add some liquidity tokens from bsc network cake, bake, o3swap this mobox i need to know it will be a good pool in the future if the team make a staking plan on the bsc network.

for the cost, I hope using this bsc will keep the cost cheaper than the eth network

I hope the community will bet more tokens in the zkswap #bsc pool this will help grow the existing ecosystem including a collection of various chains that the team has planned.
additionally … for l2 in bsc it is better to make a more specific testnet such as staking add liquidity and also swap so that everything is before launch, there are no problems like v2 which has some problems but not serious problems