#ZKSwap #BSC feedback staking liquitidy pool

governance token is not needed better wait for the multichain bridge if everything is added like bsc/heco/okexchain done
I think the team has to work harder soon than before there is still a lot of work before the launch of the governance token. if everything is added from several chains I think governance tokens are needed to be a bridge, it’s just that I prefer the name used G-ZKS ( governance - zks) than Bzks it’s more binance Zks lol

to add tokens and empower in bsc network add for liquiditar earn and stake some tokens from cake,bake to empower pool liquidity ecosystem

for fees I prefer to lead to the network if BSC of course uses BSC

my wish, for zkswap to be successful on this plan, and certainly bigger than before, i want zks to be in the top100 cmc by the end of this year and exploit any momentum that can grow this project,