Wow, this is a good and wonderful milestone achieved by the ZKS team( as the first layer2 decentralized exchange [DEX] deployed on BSC). With this BSC testnet, I could see we’re moving forward, thanks to the dev and the team in all.
Even with it being at the testnet phase, my BnB deposition took appropriately 2.5mins before it gets deposited. What else are we still finding if not for fast transactions and security?

My suggestions are:-

  1. Could there be a bridge? I mean, for example, $DEGO token(has BSc and eth). If I have the Eth $Dego on my wallet there should be a bridge that can be of use to convert to Bsc $Dego on zkswap. With this, I think more people will hear about zkswap.

  2. I don’t think there should be a BSC version of zks as BZKS(having only gzks is okay in my own opinion SINCE THERE IS NO PRICE ATTACHED IN HAVING IT)

  3. BSC version of zks should list those tokens to mention a few, they are:- $Dego and $Juld.

  4. Zks, Busd, Wbnb, and bnb should be added as few tokens on the BSC version of Zkswap.

My expectations are:-

  1. The first layer2 product of BSC on zkswap should be a legit project that should undergo various supervision(as they will be the products that will bring so many people to come to the zks project). Nutshell, they should be able to deliver what the zks team except.

  2. I expect that the product should have been running for a while not just the ones that just started on Bsc

  3. In all, Zks should be different from other Dex and L2.

Once again, thanks to all zks team, we hope you deliver many more for us.
Good luck!!!

My Layer2 address: 0x7420837cA507d4AD044aE994917A30760A11d10A