#ZKSwap BSC# A few words about the first layer 2 DEX deployed on the #BSC

:one: Yes, it’s not a bad idea. Why not? But the issue of reducing the value of the gZKS token after the appearance of the management token in the BSC network will be quite stressful for the community. I think opinions will be very divided. But my opinion is that if there is such a need, then it is necessary to implement it. Yes

:two: BNB, CAKE, ALPACA, TKO, SFP, MATTER. There are enough good and high-quality projects in the BSC ecosystem. The main thing is that the listings do not take a long time

:three: It would be logical to actively use BNB and ZKS. Two main assets that will cover the needs of most users.

  • BNB is already such an influential asset with a whole army of fans.
  • ZKS of course should remain the number one on the platform

:four: It goes without saying that this news will attract a large number of new users from the Binance ecosystem, who have long appreciated all its advantages. Low commissions and fast work speed, which leads to minimal delays. This is extremely important for users who actively use translations and trade daily.
I think the team is moving in the right direction by releasing the first Layer2 product on the BSC to the market :clap:

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